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Travis L. Scott

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Navigating Personal Struggles While Fighting for a Better Future

My Unwavering Commitment to City Council Amidst a Year of Loss and Challenge It’s been a tough year. I mean really tough.
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Stepping Into the Hive

The hornet's hive was buzzing yesterday with a post I made about supporting the Kids First slate of candidates for our CVSD school board.
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What's with the Moose?

You may be wondering what my fascination is with moose 😁
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My Eagle Guide

It’s been a challenging week filled with anxiety, self-doubt, and questioning.

Where will Recruitment Marketing Innovation Happen? Hint: Not Where You Think

Photo by Ameen Fahmy on Unsplash Throughout my research into recruitment marketing and employer branding as I’ve written my book, I’ve noticed a focus on enterprise companies and what they’re doing.

Why ‘Filling the Funnel’ is a Horrible Recruitment Marketing Strategy

Photo by Ajeet Mestry on Unsplash For as long as I can remember, “fill the funnel” has been a mantra among recruiting professionals – and salespeople.

200-Day Streak

On Sunday, February 9, 2020, I started a streak. Today, August 27, 2020, was Day 200 of my writing streak. There were plenty of days throughout this streak that I didn’t feel like writing. But I did.

What If…?

What if you could develop a part of your recruitment program that lowered your time to hire?

They Want to Hear From You

According to SmashFly’s 2020 Recruitment Marketing Benchmark Report, only 43% of the employers interviewed have a “talent network,” and of those, only 8% send content other than jobs.

Email Marketing: Overlooked and Still Effective

My morning run was spent thinking about what was the most significant need organizations have when it comes to recruitment marketing. I then thought about how the things I work with every day as a ...
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