What's with the Moose?

Wondering what's up with the moose and my campaign?

You may be wondering what my fascination is with moose 😁

It's actually symbolism for my fondness of President Theodore Roosevelt and to commonalities among our values and even our relationship with the Republican party.

Like President Roosevelt, I'm a staunch supporter of conservation, which includes our parks, natural areas, green space, and open space. I will also be on the side of the people over big business and do not tolerate corruption in our politics or businesses. 

I used to align more closely with the Republican party (at least on issues of fiscal responsibility, state's rights, and support of the military) until they shifted to a more radical focus and began attacking our rights, using our military as a political pawn, disrespecting veterans, holding our economy hostage, threatening federal law enforcement, and focusing on culture wars and dividing our country.

Overall, they've gone off the rails.

Teddy Roosevelt eventually left the Republican party to form the Progressive Party or "Bull Moose Party"  and I feel it may be time for a new political party- one that better fits the values of most Americans and doesn't expect us to fit in a box.

The city council is non-partisan and I've never been more non-partisan in my life. 

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