Stepping Into the Hive

Hate has no place in our schools or local and national governments. Support the Kids First slate of candidates for CVSD School Board.

The hornet's hive was buzzing yesterday with a post I made about supporting the Kids First slate of candidates for our CVSD school board.

Current council member, Chris Cargill, jumped at the opportunity to twist my words and stoke his hive of followers. I swear he loves my content so much he must have notifications set up so he doesn’t miss a thing.

'Do You Have Proof?'- Does a Bear...You Know the Rest

Shortly after the activity at the hive began, someone was asking on my Facebook page if I have proof about some of the candidates being backed by Moms for Liberty, so I’ll start with that proof: 

Source: Facebook.com

In case you didn’t realize, she’s also the head of the Spokane Chapter of Moms for Liberty, so, yes, I have proof.

Finally Forced to Visit the Hive

Sometimes, you just have to say enough is enough. So, I put on my bee suit, grabbed my bee smoker and dove in.

The context of what he shared about my post was so misleading that I had to jump into his comments to add some facts. I also provided my phone number for anyone that would like to have a civil, neighborly conversation with me. It was crickets. 

People seem really confident behind a keyboard don’t they? 

Some of the stuff I hear about coming from his posts makes me wonder if the Tom Hanks movie Big is actually a true story. It almost seems like a 12 year old is managing his page with the petty fights he tries to start and the constant seeking of reassurance. It’s sad, really.

Bringing Experience Outside of Liberty Lake

But here’s the thing….

As I’ve mentioned, I grew up in Indiana in the 80’s and 90’s. Indiana, at that time, was a hotspot for the Klan. So, I know hate groups that weaponize religion when I see them. 

I went to Indiana University and, although I didn’t play sports there, my friends and roommates were athletes on the football and basketball teams - teams coached by Bill Mallory and Bob Knight. 

The IU football team was made up of kids from all over the country- especially New York and Chicago. IU is located in Southern Indiana. If you’ve been watching the HBO show on the Lakers called Winning Time, you might recall a part where Larry Bird talked about growing up around the Klan. It was particularly strong in the southern part of our state where he grew up in Frech Lick and where IU is located in Bloomington. 

During their freshman year, the football coaches would hold a meeting to educate the out-of-state kids about the presence of the Klan in the area and what cities and towns to avoid for their own safety. 

The Godfather of my oldest son is a former IU defensive tackle. He’s African American and grew up on the south side of Chicago. Why did I pick him to be the Godfather of my child? Because after talking to our Pastor about what it truly means to be a Godfather or Godmother (hint it’s not just a friend you pick because you like them or want to flatter them) he fit the bill to a tee. 

He’s a man of faith and would help instill that in our son. 

The other reason is he grew up differently than me- he was a black kid on the south side of Chicago, I was a white kid from a mostly all white farm town in Central Indiana.

I want my sons to have access to people with different perspectives on life. Who have different worldviews and who have lived life through a different lens. That’s what’s made America the greatest country on earth- our ability to understand the mistakes we’ve made and become better and stronger as a result.

Truth Isn’t Always Pleasant

Yesterday, I called it like I see it and I think we saw who came out in favor of these kinds of extremist groups, including sitting council member Chris Cargill.

If you go through the endorsements for Anniece Barker it reads like the Who’s Who of radical religious-based organizations like the Family Policy Institute of Washington Action who thanked her for her fight against “negative influences in our secular culture.” 

Let me translate that for you. Secular means different religions. They’re essentially saying, “our form of Christian religion is the only one that matters and that should be clear in our public school systems.” That’s not how America works. It never has and it never will. The people that came over on the Mayflower were seeking religious freedom from the Church of England. 

Side Note (since I'm a history buff): The story of the Mayflower and the people who came across on it is fascinating. One of the best history-related books I’ve read is called Mayflower by Nathaniel Phibrick- an amazing historical author. Another side note, the Mayflower (or ships arriving shortly after) included some of my ancestors since I’ve traced my family tree back to coming to America in the 1500’s on Ancestry.com- yeah, my family was in America for over 200 years before it became the United States of America. The Scott side of my family has been in the Shelby County and Hancock County areas of Indiana for over 200 years, so I felt it was time to dilute the gene pool a little bit and move somewhere else. 

Anyway, the point I’m trying to make is that America was founded on religious freedom and will ALWAYS be a place people of ALL religions can come to freely and safely practice their faith and live in peace. 

The Jesus I know didn’t preach hate. 

‘Indoctrination’ - Extremists Favorite Deflection Word

Another endorsement for Barker is Mindi Wirth, Chair of Parents for Safe Schools. You’d think an organization with a name like that would be all about trying to keep our kids from being slaughtered while trying to get an education. Nope. The opening line on their website says “We can’t let Washington schools become indoctrination camps for a Leftist agenda.” 

The truth…our schools aren’t “indoctrination camps for Leftist agendas.” But these people want them to become indoctrination camps for their extremist agendas. It’s deflection and it’s the most popular tactic extremists are using right now- accuse the other side of the thing we’re trying to do. Trump accused Democrats of stealing the election, meanwhile, he was working behind the scenes to literally steal the election. It’s deflection and once you see it, you can’t unsee it. It’s their go-to.

These are the organizations getting behind some of the candidates for our school board. They don’t have our kids’ best interests at heart - they only care about their own agendas and it’s pretty clear, who in our community is on board with filling our schools with hate instead of a broad education that teaches them about the real world- including the actual history of the United States and the things we’ve overcome to become the best country in the world.

I Will  Fight for Liberty Lake

I see Mike Behary’s political signs out there saying he’ll fight for his constituents. I’m honestly not paying attention to what he or even my opponent Jed Spencer are doing but I can tell you I will fight for the people of Liberty Lake and I’m not going to just talk about doing it. I’m doing it.

There is no place for hate in our schools and in our community. I’ve seen it first hand, while my opponent, Jed Spencer, has grown up sheltered in Liberty Lake only knowing what it used to be like. I see what it could become if people don’t step up. I want it to remain a place where all people feel safe to their God-given right of the pursuit of happiness.

So, if you want to scoff at me, call me names, try to intimidate me, good luck. I plan to be on the right side of history, along with the Kids First slate of candidates. There are politicians who are trying to stoke fear because fear is one of the most irrational feelings we have. They’re hoping to get people so worked up that they become irrational and lose sight of what it means to be an American. 

If you support these kinds of extremist groups, that’s your choice and I don’t want your vote. I wouldn’t expect your vote. And I’m not going to try to pursue your vote. 

My supporters might be quiet, but they’re many and the silent majority will speak loud and clear in November. 

I’d rather represent the silent and rational than the loud and hateful. My values are strong and won’t change. I’m comfortable with who I am and I don’t feel the need to seek constant reassurance through social media likes and comments. My ego is just fine the way it is.

It’s Time to Step Up

If you support me, I’m not expecting you to be vocal, I’ll be your voice. But I do need you to step up in other ways and send a message that hate, personal and political agendas, and government overreach have no place in Liberty Lake. 

Please request a sign or a sticker for your car. Let’s send a clear message that change is coming to the city council and hate will not be part of it.

If you’d like to have a civil, neighborly conversation, give me a call: 509-712-2221

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