No Big Government

   Quality of Life

   Smart Growth

Why I'm Running

Like you, I was extremely disappointed with the decision by four members of the City Council, my opponent Jed Spencer included, to pursue greater control over our public library.

I'm also concerned about our growth and the impacts it could have on our infrastructure, lake and drinking water supply, and quality of life.

Growth is inevitable, but it needs to be smart growth.

Public safety is also a priority of mine. Ensuring our local law enforcement has the resources they need to keep our community safe is very important to me. 

The people of Liberty Lake deserve better.

We need a City Council that will represent the people and small businesses here, not special interests, large developers, and culture wars.

Our community has a lot going for it but all of that can be gone with a few bad decisions and the stroke of a pen.

We need someone who is objective, non-partisan, and willing to listen to all sides of an issue in pursuit of what's best for the long-term future of the city and the people that live here. 

We need accountability: from elected officials and all of us who live and do business in Liberty Lake. It takes all of us. 

This is a place I plan to live the rest of my life and the place I want my kids to be proud to call home when they're older. 

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   No Big Government

Nothing says government overreach like ignoring public comments and trying to take control of the library board.


  Quality of Life

Liberty Lake residents enjoy a great quality of life with our many parks, restaurants, events, and a safe community. Let's keep it that way.


   Smart Growth

Growth is inevitable, but growth that happens too fast or contrary to how the community would like to see it happen can destroy the feel and vibe of a unique community like Liberty Lake. We need to grow smart.

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