What If…?

What if you could develop a part of your recruitment program that lowered your time to hire?

What if you implemented a program that could drastically lower your cost per hire?

What if that same program could increase the quality of your hires?

But wait, there’s more.

What if this same program improved the candidate experience and lead people who don’t work at your company to talk about how remarkable it is? I’m talking about people who interviewed but didn’t get the job.

What if candidates already had a great understanding of what the work culture and environment are like?

What if they had a sampling of the type of work they would be engaged with?

What if they had become so familiar with people on the team that they felt like they already knew them- how they think, how they work?

What if this program could cut down on the amount of ramp-up and onboarding time needed to get a person on track in their new role?

That’s what recruitment marketing has the potential to do. If done right.

Like nearly everything else worthwhile in life, it takes time to build and get rolling.

Once rolling, though, it can become a consistent source of quality hires.

We’re talking at least a year, not a quarter. The longer you stick with it, it will not only become immensely more valuable, but it will also become a very tangible competitive advantage.

This is the vision I’ve had for talent acquisition for years, and the lack of companies’ commitment to long-term strategies is what eventually pushed me out altogether and into marketing full time.

I haven’t given up on this becoming a reality.

172 thoughts on “What If…?”

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